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Quality is a main value at AA_Bakeries.

By having our own Quality Management departement we can assure that quality and hygienic standards are being implemented at all time. Maintaining the high quality in our products is also based on other factors such as motivated employees and the usage of the best natural ingredients. HACCP food safety regulations and legal requirements are consistently followed.
AA_Bakeries International is BRC certified. Internal and external hygiene and quality audits on a regular scale guarantee that all quality standards are being implemented and provide assurance in our quality system.

Our products' taste is the result of a careful selection of the right ingredients. We strive to enhance our nutritional attributes of our products because we are committed to the wellbeing of our customers. One of our initiatives is to use all natural ingredients when possible. We also aim to reduce the levels of salt, sugar and fat to support people's balanced lifestyles, without compromising the taste.

Also, we are committed to the environment by lowering our carbon footprint. We seek to optimize our supply chain by creating effective planning schedules and increasing the truckload efficiency, as well as optimizing storage levels. We use sustainable packaging materials and put effort in the reduction and the proper processing of waste.

We aim to be a sustainable partner that is continuously working according the highest international quality and nutritional standards, and by putting our CSR into practice: we want to become your partner of choice.